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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EGL Operates Brisbane Extra.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGL operated an additional Dubai – Singapore – Brisbane rotation late tonight as EK8432/EK8433.

Emirates B777-300 A6-EMQ Munich Technical Issue.


Emirates Boeing 777-31H A6-EMQ operated EK51 Dubai – Munich today, however the return EK52 has been cancelled due to a technical issue with the aircraft.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECZ Operates Jeddah Extra.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECZ operated an additional Dubai – Jeddah rotation this afternoon as EK3801/EK3802.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBU Operates Mauritius Extra.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EBU operated an additional Dubai – Mauritius rotation this morning as EK3001/EK3002.

Emirates A380 A6-EEF EK412 Melbourne Diversion.


Emirates A380 A6-EEF operating the Dubai – Sydney sector of EK412 Dubai – Sydney – Auckland (depart Dubai 27th May) diverted to Melbourne this morning due to fog at Sydney. The aircraft was later able to continue Melbourne – Sydney, however the onward flight to Auckland was cancelled and today’s EK413 will therefore operate Sydney – Dubai.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECA EK418 Brisbane Diversion.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECA operating the Bangkok – Sydney sector of EK418 Dubai – Bangkok – Sydney – Christchurch (depart Dubai 27th May) diverted to Brisbane this morning due to fog at Sydney. The aircraft was later able to continue Brisbane – Sydney, however the onward flight to Christchurch was cancelled and today’s EK419 will therefore operate Sydney – Bangkok – Dubai.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECR Returns from Washington.


Following the technical issue it encountered yesterday, Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECR departed Washington this afternoon operating yesterday’s delayed EK232 Washington – Dubai as EK232D.

Emirates A330-200 A6-EAH Operates Delayed Khartoum Service.


After apparently returning to Dubai yesterday evening, buy Emirates A330-200 A6-EAH operated yesterday’s delayed EK733/EK734 Dubai – Khartoum rotation this morning as EK733D/EK734D.

Emirates A330-200 A6-EAH EK733 Dubai Return.


Emirates A330-200 A6-EAH operating EK733 Dubai – Khartoum appears to have returned to Dubai this evening some hours after departure.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ECR Washington Technical Issue.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECR operated EK231 Dubai – Washington today, buy however the return EK232 has been delayed overnight due to a technical issue with the aircraft.

Emirates A340-500 A6-ERG Returns from Nairobi.


Following the technical issue it encountered on 22nd May, /buy Emirates A340-500 A6-ERG departed Nairobi this afternoon operating the delayed EK720 Nairobi – Dubai of 22nd May as EK720D.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EMM EK51 Nuremberg Diversion.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EMM operating EK51 Dubai – Munich diverted via Nuremberg this evening due to weather at Munich.

Emirates A340-500 A6-ERG Nairobi Technical Issue.


Emirates A340-500 A6-ERG operated EK719 Dubai – Nairobi today, however the return EK720 has been delayed indefinitely due to a technical issue.

Emirates A330-200 A6-EAM Operates Jeddah Extra.


Emirates A330-200 A6-EAM operated an additional Dubai – Jeddah rotation this afternoon as EK3801/EK3802.

Emirates A380 A6-EEN First Flight.


Emirates A380 A6-EEN made its first flight from Toulouse today wearing test registration F-WWSR and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.

20/05/13 Emirates Flight Cancellations.


The following Emirates flights did not operate today:

EK851 Dubai – Doha
EK852 Doha – Dubai.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ENJ Enters Service.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENJ entered service today operating EK584 Dubai – Dhaka. The aircraft is confirmed as being in 8F/42J/310Y configuration.

Emirates A380 A6-EDT Positions to Dresden Maintenance.


Emirates A380 A6-EDT positioned Dubai – Dresden for maintenance early this morning as EK3045. The aircraft descended towards Dresden but then climbed again and headed south to Munich before returning to Dresden later.

Emirates A340-500 A6-ERF Withdrawn.


Emirates A340-500 A6-ERF was withdrawn from service today after operating EK706 Seychelles – Dubai. This is the first Emirates A340-500 to be withdrawn.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBP Continues from Singapore.


Following its diversion to Singapore yesterday evening, Emirates B777-31HER A6-EBP continued yesterday’s EK358 Dubai – Jakarta this morning routing Singapore – Jakarta. The aircraft then operated this morning’s delayed EK359 Jakarta – Dubai using callsign EK359D.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-EBP EK358 Singapore Diversion.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EBP operating EK358 Dubai – Jakarta diverted to Singapore this evening after encountering turbulence which caused injuries to ten passengers and three crew.

Emirates B777-300ER A6-ENJ Delivered.


Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENJ was delivered Paine Field – Dubai today as EK777. This brings the Boeing 777-300ER fleet up to 88 aircraft.

Emirates Confirm EK434/EK435 A380 Upgrade.


Emirates today confirmed that from October 6th 2013 the EK434/EK435 Dubai – Brisbane – Auckland service will be upgraded from Boeing 777-300ER to A380 operation. This will mean that Auckland will have three Emirates A380s on the ground at the same time each day.

Emirates A380 A6-EDS EK302 Seoul Incheon Diversion.


Emirates A380 A6-EDS operating EK302 Dubai – Shanghai diverted to Seoul Incheon this afternoon due to zero visibility at Shanghai. The aircraft then continued Seoul Incheon – Shanghai as EK302D.

New Zealand Approves Emirates/QANTAS Alliance.


New Zealand today approved the Emirates/QANTAS alliance meaning the two carriers can now codeshare on each other’s trans-Tasman services and permitting through codeshare operation from New Zealand – Europe.

Emirates A380 A6-EEM First Flight.


Emirates A380 A6-EEM made its first flight today wearing test registration F-WWSP and positioned Toulouse – Finkenwerder.